Kyocera Environment & Energy Corporate  Video
Renewable energy systems and power-management technologies that protect our environment.

Kyocera Environment & Energy Corporate Profile Video

Kyocera is constantly developing new technologies and opening new frontiers in renewable energy. Seeking an alternative to fossil fuels we were one of the first to conduct R&D for residential solar power. 

Kyocera has demonstrated solar modules, that performed strongly after more than 30 years of continuous operation. Kyocera's total energy solutions include everything from solar module production to optimized system design and maintenance.

The Global Mega Solar project redevelops underutilized land and reservoirs to generate renewable energy. Leading the world to a greener future. 

We pioneered an important new market by developing the first residential solar power systems in Japan. Kyocera is developing solid oxide fuel cell systems powered by utility gas as well as high efficiency cell stacks using our unique fine ceramic technology. Using our lithium-ion batteries plus AI energy management to prevent waste. Kyocera aims to help customers achieve energy independence.

On a larger scale we are collaborating with various electric power companies to create new energy management services. 

Kyocera is developing virtual powerplant energy management technology that has the potential to bring safe and stable renewable power to entire cities. 

With these innovations Kyocera is working to build infrastructure to mitigate energy related impacts on climate change 


17 december, 2020
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